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Robin Mackervoy

United Kingdom

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Artist's Statement

My first consideration is for composition, to place the subject comfortably within a scene, using varying tones to promote its importance. I then use the surrounding space to draw attention to and emphasise the main subject through variations in colour, tone, texture and line.

Method of Working

Robin Mackervoy generally prefers to work from life, but for works produced in the studio, he uses the back-up of photographs to add to the information that his preparatory sketches provide. Initial sketches are generally carried out in a different medium from the final piece and he uses a pochade box for sketches in oil or heat-set oil colour. Robin's preference is for preparatory sketches in pencil, pen or watercolour and he likes to use oil or acrylic for the final pieces. When painting directly from the subject, he likes to work on the whole surface together, and he does not draw-in until the base coat is complete. In addition to canvas, Robin also uses panels which adds to the variety of surface, texture and size.

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  • British Artist

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My Favourite Subject: A Royal Institute Exhibition

M1 Fine Art

My Favourite Subject: A Royal Institute Exhibition
From September, 1 To October, 1 2017