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Dan Rawlings

Born in: 1983

United Kingdom

Dan Rawlings is fascinated with the natural environment and the way people interact with it. Most of his work relates to the fractal beauty of nature or the pragmatic genius of childhood, that fresh mind-set most people tend to discard in favour of houses, cars and bank balances.

Dan creates images that remind people of times when everything was possible and free, times when climbing a tree, or just sitting admiring the way it's branches twist and curl was more relevant than anything else going on.

Dan Rawlings grew up in a small Essex town once described by The Guardian as a "cultural black hole". Since then Dan has left and returned many times, lived and travelled many places and tried to learn and discover as much about things as he can.

'In the past few years I've become obsessed with old tools, scrap metal, rust and corrosion. I enjoy the way metals are thought of as indestructible; they're used for the frameworks of buildings, the bodies of cars, the hulls of ships and the tools used to make just about everything else. Yet rust serves to remind us how temporary it all is, like the weeds growing up through the cracks in an unused car park, rust is working away reclaiming the land for nature'. (Dan Rawlings)
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  • Sculpture

  • Sculpture Wall Sculpture

  • Sculpture Abstract

  • Sculpture Metal

  • British Artist

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