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Kate Boxer

Born in: 1961

United Kingdom


Kate Boxer was born in Sussex in 1961 and attended classes in London art schools in the early 1990s.

She has exhibited regularly since 1994 in London and Scotland. She is both a painter and a printmaker.

An artist of immense vitality, generosity and wit, Kate Boxer makes striking, engaging and memorable work that reflects these qualities. Her depictions of people, animals and birds are always sympathetic and touching, achieved through the sureness of her line and an unusual use of colour. Her works are often very amusing; frequently, she adds her own personal jokes into their titles, as for instance, in the title above.

The film maker Bruno Wolheim has written about her work and her 'idiosyncratic and deeply felt' subject matter. He points out how in her cowboy paintings 'Howard Hawks meets high camp, High Sierra and Frank O'Hara. High fun meets high seriousness.'

Discussing her animal images in paint and print, Wolheim notes their 'engaging eccentricity' that comes 'from a fierce understanding of their innate spirit. The snake, bison, or sand-bird are above all themselves, they express their own independence and individuality, with all the implicit comic tragedy… they are free.'

As George Melly once described Kate Boxer, she is 'a remarkable creative spirit: her images and the means to realise them are at one.'

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