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Simone Truong

Born in: 1988

United Kingdom

Simone Truong was born in 1988 in Banbury, Oxfordshire. She lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne. Simone Truong's work demonstrates a delicate melancholy. Flora and fauna bloom and decay in painterly gestures, arrangements of petals float seamlessly in placid space. A desire for a fluid discourse between solid and gaseous forms manifest in flowers dissected with a blurring of focus. Insect and plant relations play out a perceived cycle of orchestrated pollination, horticultural worship by synchronised arthropods lay in a creeping mandala. Limited edition prints and originals juxtapose the beautiful with the morbid, offering euphoric moments emerging from stark backgrounds graced with fragile flowers to instances of despondency, often dark in appearance, yet remaining equitably as elegant. Tenses are enhanced by the unification of traditional and contemporary methods in which the final outcomes are formed. Whilst we often only get to view a fleeting moment of nature, Simone Truong aims to create something of more permanence that can be observed at any given time. Fusing the past, present, and the ambiguous future of these together highlights the beauty alongside the mundanity that occurs throughout their natural life circle.
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  • British Artist

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Simone Truong, Ascending in Inverse, Print

Simone Truong

Ascending in Inverse, 2015
11.8 x 10.2 inch


Simone Truong, Suspended In The Obscure, Print

Simone Truong

Suspended In The Obscure, 2015
21.3 x 17.7 inch


Simone Truong, Advancing In Obscurity, Print

Simone Truong

Advancing In Obscurity, 2015
17.7 x 13.8 inch


Simone Truong, Serendipity, Photography

Simone Truong

Serendipity, 2015
23.2 x 16.5 inch

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