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Maxwell Bennett

Born in: 1990

United States

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A native of northern New Mexico, Maxwell Bennett studied Studio Art and Museum Studies at Colorado College. Now residing in Santa Fe, Bennett sculpts the human form in motion from steel and found alabaster. A Craig Herst Art Prize Scholar, Bennett describes his process:

“When I think about art, it is hard for me to place it merely in the realm of creation. For me, art is much more about the experience and awareness of moments that make life interesting. It is the flash of sunlight through an overcast sky, the sting of a hot pan, the smell of freshly cut grass; it is the appreciation of sensation. It is the exploration of the world around me; an attempt to discover what creates emotion, and a recreation of those experiences"

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  • Sculpture

  • Sculpture Abstract

  • Sculpture Nude

  • Sculpture Steel

  • American Artist

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Maxwell  Bennett, Tensile, Sculpture

Maxwell Bennett

Tensile, 2017
9.4 x 4.7 x 4.7 inch


Maxwell  Bennett, Metanoia, Sculpture

Maxwell Bennett

Metanoia, 2017
6 x 11 x 18 inch


Maxwell  Bennett, Apoptotic Drift, Sculpture

Maxwell Bennett

Apoptotic Drift, 2016
26 x 9 x 14 inch


Maxwell  Bennett, Heart Reclining, Sculpture

Maxwell Bennett

Heart Reclining, 2012
6 x 14 x 8 inch

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Maxwell  Bennett, Transfloration, Sculpture

Maxwell Bennett

Transfloration, 2017
38 x 5 x 5 inch

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Heaven and Earth

Ellsworth Gallery

Heaven and Earth
From February, 10 To May, 31 2017