Jaanika Peerna

Born in 1971 - United States


Jaanika Peerna is a painter from Estonia, born in 1971. She currently lives and works in New York, Berlin and Tallinn.

Jaanika Peerna's works include drawings, videos, installations and performance. Often these various techniques treat themes like transition into light, air, water and many other natural phenomenons.

Jaanika Peerna also collaborates with many dancers and musicians.

The works of the artist are exhibited in Europe and U.S.A. Her last personal exhibition took place in Cologne at the Ulf Larsson Gallery.

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Jaanika Peerna, Galerie Ulf Larsson, Cologne
§ Jaanika Peerna, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum,
Woodstock, NY
§ “Light Matter”, Hillyer Art Space, Washington DC
§ “Light Matter” (catalogue), Kentler International Drawing Space,
New York
§ “Emerge.Submerge”, SG Gallery, Venice, Italy
§ “Exercises for Lines”, Vaal Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
§ “Avanzare, Arretrare”, Rimini Drawing Biennial, Primo Piano Gallery,
Rimini, Italy
§ “Etenee – Vetäytyy”, Aarni Gallery, Espoo, Finland
§ “Avanzare e Arretrare”, Ninapi Gallery, Ravenna, Italy
“Vanishing Silence”, BeArt, Garrison, NY
“Jaanika Peerna: drawings and videos”, Estonian Embassy, Washington DC
§ “Edges of Wind and Light”, A.R.C. Fine Art, Fairfield, CT
§ “Tuule äär/Windedge”, ArtDepoo Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
“Traces of a Sweet Connect”, Go North Gallery, Beacon, NY
Thesis Show, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz
“Climate of Sight,” Collaborative Concepts, Beacon, NY
§ “Light Between Lines and Bits,” Linna (City) Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia`
§ “Lines in Silence,” Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY
`Art Academy Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
“Jaanika Peerna: photos and drawings” Estonian House, New York, NY
§ “Drawers Draw”, curated by Alison Pierz, Galerie Protégé, New York
§ “Drawn to Experience V2”, curated by Kellie O’Dempsey, POP
Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane and School of Art
Gallery, National University of Australia, Canberra
§ Works on Paper, M Contemporary, Sydney, Australia
§ “Line Describing a Cone”, curated by Eva Respini (MOMA), Katonah
Museum of Art, Katonah, NY
§ “Ellipse”, curated by Erin Lawlor and Katrin Bremerman, A3 Gallery,
§ “Mein Lustgarten”, curated by Chen Yang, Wie Kultur, Berlin
§ “Am Rand” (drawing and performance), Jää-äär, Berlin
§ “Falls of Solitude” (installation), Manalo Projects, Berlin
§ Tallinn Light Art Biennial (video installation), Architecture and
Design Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
§ “A-Line-Ment”, Gallery66NY, Cold Spring, NY
§ “The Silence of Forest Sounds”,with Tuuli Mann, Haus Gallery,
Tallinn, Estonia
§ Curatoral project by Inga Heamägi, Kaliningrad Graphic Art Biennial
of the Baltic Sea Countries, Kaliningrad, Russia
§ Drawn to Experience (drawing and video), curated by Kellie
O’Dempsey, Queensland College of Art, Brsibane, Australia
§ In Our Backyard, curated by Heige Kim, Roos Arts, Rosendale, NY
§ Elegy, curated by Eleni Smolen, Theo Ganz Studio, Beacon, NY
§ Timelines, curated by Karlyn Benson, Mattewan Gallery, Beacon, NY
§ Park: Toivo Raidmets ja Jaanika Peerna (wall drawings), Architecture
and Design Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
§ A Question of Slow, curated by Alison Pierz, Skylight Gallery, New
§ Estonian Curatorial Project, curator Inga Heamägi, Novosibirsk
Graphic Art Triennial, Novosibirsk, Russia (catalogue, First Prize)
§ CUT #2, curated by Gregory Kepinski, Museum of Imagination,
Hudson, NY
§ Slow Art Room (drawing and installation), Governor’s Island Art
Fair, New York
§ Drawing – Freedom, curated by Maria-Kristiina Ulas (performance),
Gallery for Architecture and Design, Tallinn, Estonia
§ A Border, Path, Threshold; curated by Margot Kask, Viinistu Art
Museum Chapel, Estonia
§ Silent Revolution, curated by Anu Juurak, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia
§ Smoke Free Fall @ project space, curated by Ginger Shulick,
Fountain Art Fair, NYC
§ CUT, curated by Gregory Kepinski, Museum of Imagination,
Hudson, NY
§ Napp (video, drawing), curated by Margot Kask, City Gallery, Pärnu,
§ Harilik/Ordinary:drawing practices III, curated by Margot Kask,
pART Gallery, Põltsamaa, Estonia
§ “Liberte/Vabadus 2011”, curated by Kaia Kiik, Asnières Chateau,
Paris, France
§ Summer Selections, curated by Adrienne Conzelman, ARC Fine Art,
Fairfield. CT
§ Selects, Beacon Arts Shortwave Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ
§ Lumen video and performance festival, curated by Ginger Schulick,
Staten Island waterfront, New York
§ Harilik/Ordinary: drawing practices II, curated by Margot Kask, Y
Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
§ International Paper Art Biennial, curated by Thalia Vrachopoulos,
City Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria
§ Harilik/Ordinary:drawing practices I, curated by Margot Kask,
Kunstihoone Galerii,Tallinn, Estonia
§ Light Art Biennial, artP.kunstverein, Perchtoldsdorf and Lintz,
§ Archipelago; Dorsky Curatorial Projects; Brooklyn, NY
§ Roma Art Fair, Metropolart; Marco Testaccio, Rome, Italy
§ Herning International Video festival, Arhus, Denmark
§ Video Art Biennial, curated by Mamia Breteche, Metropolart; Paris;
Portfolio Gallery, Dubai
§ Annual Benefit Show, Kentler International Drawing Center,
Brooklyn, NY
§ Unsettled Conditions, curated by Karin Laansoo, Monospace,
Brooklyn, NY
§ Plastic Waves: collaborative installation :Susan English and Jaanika
Peerna, Gillette Gallery, GAC, Garrison, NY
§ WET: videos on Water, Maxwell Fine Arts, Peekskill, NY
§ Sublime, Zero Filme, R.Sao Filipe Nery, nr 25B, Lisbon, Portugal
§ Slow News International, curated by Peggy Cyphers /
Broadthinking, The ARTS at Marks Garage, Honolulu, HI
§ Revisions (drawings), Galerie Lavignes-Bastille, Paris, France
§ H20:Film on Water (video); curated by Cynthia Reeves, Reeves
Gallery in New York City’ The Mill Art Space, Newport, NH
§ FUTURE=FERTILE (video); curated by Leo Kuelbs, LKC, New York
§ BROADTHINKING, Bridge Art Fair, New York, NY (supported in part
with funds from SOS program through NYFA and NYSCA
administered by GAC)
§ “Out of the Blue”, (weather and creative process); curated by Amy
Lipton, Joy Episalla and Joy Garnett; Bergen Community College,
Paramus, NJ
§ International Juried Exhibition, Juror Adelina Vlas, Assistant
Curator, Philadelphia Museum of Art, NJ Visual Art Center, Summit,
§ The Works International Visual Arts Festival (videos), curated by
Shawn Pinchbeck, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
§ “NEW” (drawings), curated by Paul Kahn, Galerie Lavignes-Bastille,
Paris, France (supported in part with funds from SOS program
through NYFA and NYSCA administered by GAC)
§ National Juried Exhibition, Juror: Ester Adler, curatorial assistant at
Department of Drawings, Museum of Modern Art, NY, Phoenix
Gallery, New York, NY
§ Regional Triennial “The Camera Always Lies,” curated by Beth
Wilson, Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, NY
§ “What Happens Next?” Video shorts, curated by Bart Woodstrup,
Time Space Limited, Hudson ,NY
§ “Fugue” (videos and drawings) curated by Patricia Miranda and
Patricia Spergel, Miranda Fine Arts, Port Chester, NY
§ “Paradox of Water,” juried by Mary Sabbatino, Vice President and
Partner of Galerie Lelong in New York City, Westport Art Center,
Westport, CT
§ “Abstract ( ? )” (video), Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon, NY
§ “Code in Art,” SLSA Code Conference, Portland, Maine
§ “Silence Increased,” Chapman Gallery, University of Salford,
Manchester, UK
§ “Ecological Integrity,” curated by Alice Wexler, Muroff Kotler Gallery
Ulster County Community College, Stone Ridge, NY
§ “Air,” curated by Sophia Gevas, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield,
§ “Light,” two person exhibition, Estonian House, New York, NY
§ “Evidence,” curated by C. March Kleinert/James Art Center,
Woodstock, NY
§ Video Showcase, BAU, Beacon, NY
§ “The Song of the Earth” (video), Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon, NY
§ “Juxtaposition” (video installation), curated by K.Svalbonas Caldwell
College, NJ
§ “Lõõm 06,” Estonian House, New York, NY
§ “Standards and Shifts in Contemporary Art,” Arts Exchange, White
Plains, NY
§ “Art of the Northeast,” Silvermine Guild Arts center, New Canaan,
§ B5, curated by C. March, Kleinert/James Art Center Woodstock, NY
§ DIVA Digital and Video Art Fair, New York, NY
§ "Digital Summer,” Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon,NY
§ “Ceilings and Floors,” curated by D. Lombardi
§ Anderson Chase Gallery, Katonah, NY
§ "Stay Tuned: Hypnotic Videos by Contemporary Artists," curated by
M. Freedman
§ The Studio: Alternative Space for Contemporary Art, Armonk, NY
§ "Digital/Analogue," Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon, NY
§ "Photography Show," Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon,NY
§ Macy Gallery, Valhalla,NY
§ Garrison Art Center Gallery, Garrison, NY
§ "Breaking the Rules," Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY
§ Lyman-Eyer Gallery, Newton, MA
§ "Northeast Annual," Silvermine Guild Galleries, New Canaan, CT
Energeetika Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
UIAH Gallery Helsinki, Finland
Kastellaani Maja Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
§ “Art Out of Longing and Song,” 18 minutes, Directed by Jaanika
Peerna, edited by Michael Enright
§ “Drawing Revealed,” 35 minutes, Directed by Jaanika Peerna,
produced by Susan English (supported in part with funds from SOS
program through NYFA and NYSCA administered by GAC)
Shown at the Rome International Film Festival
“Art in Dialogue; Estonia-New York” 46 minutes
Directed by Annette Solakoglu, co-produced by Jaanika Peerna.
Shown at the Pärnu International Film Festival, Estonia
FID Grand Prix 2016, international drawing award, president of the jury
Brett Littmann, Drawing Center NYC
Award for active cultural leadership, presented by the Council of Foreign
Consulates of New York
APT Fellowship for one month residency and exhibition at Scuola Di
Grafica, Venice
Third Prize, State Competition for public art at Viljandi Gümnaasium,
§ Drawing Award, Tallinn International Drawing Triennial, Tallinn,
§ Drawing Award, Novosibirsk Graphic Arts Triennial, Novosibirsk,
§ Cultural Endowment of Estonia [Kultuurkapital]
2010 -2011
§ Cultural Endowment of Estonia [Kultuurkapital]
§ Special Opportunity Stipend, New York Foundation for the Arts
Special Opportunity Stipend, New York Foundation for the Arts
§ Third Prize, Paradox of Water exhibit at Westport Art Center,
chosen by Mary Sabbatino of Galerie Lelong, New York and Paris.
§ Cultural Endowment of Estonia [Kultuurkapital]
§ Special Opportunity Stipend, New York Foundation for the Arts
§ Arts Link, Putnam Arts Fund, NY USA
Special Opportunity Stipend, New York Foundation for the Arts
Research and Creative Projects Award, SUNY New Paltz
Research and Creative Projects Award, SUNY New Paltz
“Upward”, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, NY
“Not So Silent Ripples of Gravity”, Espronceda, Barcelona
§ “Silencing Body”, with Timothy Hill (overtone singing), WAAM,
Woodstock, NY
§ “Inversions”, with Lucio Corrente (cello), Studio Wilson, New York
§ “Light Matter”, with Alexis Steeves and Rain Saukas (movement),
Kentler International Drawing Space, NY
§ Collaborative performance with Kellie O’Dempsey (digital drawing),
National University of Australia, Canberra
§ Solo performance, M Contemporary, Sydney
§ “Emerge.Submerge”, with Lucio Corrente (cello), SG Gallery, Venice,
§ “Linear Impetus”, Primo Piano galleria, Rimini Drawing Biennale,
Rimini, Italy
§ “Avanzare e Arretrare”, Ninapi Gallery, Ravenna, Italy
§ “Mixed Media on Paper”, 4-person simultaneous drawing
performance, Month of Performance Art Berlin at MPA-Hub, Berlin
§ “Am Rand”, drawing performance on windows, Jää-äär, Berlin
§ Transcontinental synchronous drawing "performance" Berlin–New
York with Chris Moffett, International Drawing and Cognition
Research Conference at Columbia University, New York, NY
§ “The Silence of Forest Sounds”, video and live drawing performance
with Tuuli Mann, Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
§ “Vanishing Silence”, live drawing and dance performance with Jane
Thornquist, BeArt, Garrison, NY
§ “ Along the line”, live drawing and dance performance, with Laura
Kvelstein, Gallery for Architecture and Design, Tallinn, Estonia
“Living Line”, live drawing and dance performance, with Jane Thornquist,
Estonian House, New York
§ “Petroleum Wing”, video, dance and music performance, with Susan
Osberg, Beacon Studios, Beacon, NY
§ “Wind Edge”, live light installation and dance performance, dance
by Jane Tornquist, ARC Fine Art Gallery, Fairfield, CT
§ “Petroleum Wing”, live video, dance and sound performance, dance
Susan Osberg, Beacon Studios, Beacon, NY
§ “Tangitan”, live video and sound performance, sound by David
Rothenberg, Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY
“Plastic Waves”, installation and dance performance, choreography and
dance by Jane Thornquist, Gillette Gallery, GAC, Garrison, NY
“ShadowStop,” video and music performance, live music by Hando
Nahkur, Estonian House, New York
“Air,” dance and video performance, choreography Susan Osberg, Fisher
Center for the Performing Arts, Bard College, Annandale, NY
§ “The Smoothness of Light,” artist book (photos), text by David
§ “Window Palace,” artist book (photos), text by David Rothenberg
§ “Krabattabark,” theatre piece (videos), directed by Jaanika
Juhanson, Tallinn, Estonia
§ “Water Veins,” live performance (videos), music by David
§ Cornelia Street Café, New York, NY
§ “Movements on Water,” live performance (videos), music by
§ David Rothenberg, Estonian House, New York, NY
§ “Dancing on Water,” dance performance (videos), directed by S.
Osberg, Bulldog Studios, Beacon, NY
“Sonotype,” type and sound project, ongoing, with A. Papaelias
“Fifteen Minutes of Freedom,” live performance (videos), music by
Weekend Guitar Trio + D. Rothenberg, NYYD’03 Music Festival, Pärnu,
“Living Line,” live music and video performance, music by Tunnetusüksus,
International Theatre Festival, Rakvere, Estonia
“Flow in Sound and Line” video and music performance; music by
Tunnetusüksus, Performance Art Festival: Time, Space, Movement, Paide,
§ Experimental Drawing, continuing education workshop for art
teachers, Westchester Community College, White Plains, NY 2015
§ Artist Talk, Berlin Collective, Berlin June 2014
§ Artist Talk, Takt Artist Residency, Berlin, Germany, November 2013
and February 2014
§ “Connecting Art Practice and Teaching”, Tallinn University, Estonia,
February 2013
§ “Light and Space as Substances in my Art Practice”, Estonian
Academy of Art, February 2013
§ Experimental Art Lab, Garrison Art Center, NY, USA 2009 -2012
Artworks are published in
§ Parabola magazine (1999),
§ The New Earth Reader (MIT Press, 1999), Writing on Water (MIT
Press, 2001),
§ Cover of The Book of Music and Nature (Wesleyan University Press,
§ Photography Quarterly #92. (Center for Photography at Woodstock,
§ Terrain.org: the Journal of Built and Natural Environments
(http://www.terrain.org/arterrain/, 2006)
§ Five Fingers Review magazine (spring 2007), NEW Magazine (issue
4 / 2008)
§ Big Ode Magazine( Poesia & Imagen), Sublime Issue with DVD
(Portugal, #7,Fall 2009)
§ Exquisite Corpse, exhibition catalogue, Paul Robeson Galleries
(Nov. 2009)
§ East Coast Home and Design, magazine (Sept. 2010)
§ Roheline Värav /Green Gate: monthly culture-nature publication,
Tallinn (November 2010)
§ Chinese Whispers, collaborative artist book, InEditMode Press,
Malmö, Sweden (July 2011)
§ Tähelepanu, Valmis Olla, Kunst! art education book edited by Anu
Purre, Tallinn, Estonia (August 2011)
§ Akadeemia: cultural monthy magazine, Tartu, Estonia (March 2012)
§ Joonistuskunsti Varasalvest, book on drawing traditions in Estonia
from Mart Lepp’s collection (August, 2012)
§ LUXE New York, Interior Design magazine, Summer 2012

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