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Stéphane Cojot-Goldberg

Born in: 1968

United States

Stéphane Cojot-Goldberg was trained as a cinematographer at the Ecole Louis Lumière in Paris. He decided to go and work in Hollywood, mainly in the field of visual effects, while pursuing a personal artistic research. In 2005, he obtained an MBA from Columbia University and afterward spent a few years in London where he continued to pursue his passion for photography.
In 2008, he decided to leave for a two year world tour and in 2013 Stéphane published his first photography book: "Mapless, around the World in 800 Days." During this year, he also decided to start working full time as an author photographer.

He began to explore abstract photography in 1995 with the « Windows of Light » series. This was followed by five other series which improved his approach on abstract photography, as he worked with different formats and finishing. The result was the « Abstract Atlas of the world » series, a succession of visual sensations and sensory landscapes based on the vision of the world. This unique feeling was felt through the shapes and colors, like an open window.

His images are never modified by Photoshop and each one shows reality the way it is. To create these, he uses his film and special effects training. The panoramic format, inspired by Cinemascope is designed to intensify the photographic immersion. It's like a reflection of his dream where people can walk around freely.

Colors and shapes are a unique but universal language and his work was influenced by artists like Turner, Olitski, Rothko, Chu Teh Chun and Zao Wou-Ki.
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  • American Artist

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