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Lans King

Born in: 1968

United States

“I feel like I was raised as a robot, and through art, I’ve discovered what it means to be
human.” - Lans King

Despite the strict environment of his youth and many obstacles later on, Lans King was
destined to become an artist.

Lans was born in St. Vincent, British Antilles and moved to New York with his family at 8
years old. Notwithstanding his predisposition to a creative life, his interests were
discouraged in favour of maths and sciences. He began his education in physics at the
University of Rochester, New York, but changed to cognitive science in a search for
something more humanist. The curriculum focused on philosophy of knowledge, human/
machine interaction and artificial intelligence which fascinated him. However, his thirst for
art was ever increasing. He passed much of his time at university in the art libraries and in

For many years he worked at top digital media and communication agencies. He
specialised in luxury brands but it was not satisfying due to the lack of meaning and depth
of his daily work. He became friends with artists who recognised his creative talents and
considered him as one of them even before he began to develop his own practice.
However, his responsibilities made it difficult for him to immediately follow the artist’s path.
He then rose to the challenge. In parallel to his “day job”, he made the time to educate
himself in art history and to develop his art practice drawing on both his studies and his
work experience.

Lans moved to Paris then London and currently lives and works between the two cities.
After many years of development, he decided to dedicate his life to his artwork, convinced
that it was the right moment to share it. He founded the art movement The New Synthesis
which seeks to reconcile dualities such as humanity and technology, real and virtual,
analog and digital, organic and plastic, past and future, figuration and abstraction…
Lans King’s visionary work not only reflects the current digital society but also proposes a
way to advance our human qualities in a time when it is being challenged by increasingly
performant technology.
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