Carl Andre

Born in: 1935

United States


American artist Carl André was born in Quincy on September 16, 1935. He is one of the forerunners of minimal art.

Starting in 1951, Carl André started to study painting at the Phillips Academy of Andover in Massachusetts, close to Boston. In 1954 he travelled to Europe and visited Neolithic sites such as Stonehenge; this trip marked his artistic career.

Carl André works with raw, industrial materials, especially wood, birck, concrete and metal. For the sake of honesty and of favoring direct contact with the material, he doesn’t polish or treat them in any way. His art pieces are treated industrially though, they have geometric shapes, and their position in space is carefully studied. Carl André also writes poems and he is a part of the Concrete poetry movement. He places words on the paper as if he produced a drawing.

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