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The Yes Men

Born in: 1996

United States


In 1993, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno will meet during the formation of the collective RTMark. RTMark is known, in 1993, to have Exchange mailboxes of 300 Barbie dolls and G. I. Joe before the repair at the store. In 1996, they have managed to do add to the simulation game SimCopter (elapsed to 80,000 copies) of men kissing, in the nose and beard of the creative society Maxis.

Some time after, the two artists create THE YES MEN. ""Yes-man"" is an anglophone expression equivalent to french "yes-men". Under this name they flow performance, conferences, creations of internet site, objects satirical and humorous in the intended to make us aware of the world that we have created.

Beyond the simple and platform critical of liberalism, the lobbying of major American firms, etc. , THE YES MEN are striving to deliver us, for each of their works, a substantive analysis. These artists of the "hacking art" and their works could be summarized by these three words: universalistic, Neo-utopian and Identity.

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  • American Artist

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