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Paolo Campochiaro

Born in: 1968


Famous artist

Paolo Campochiaro was born in 1968, he is from Montevideo – Uruguay. Since 2001, he has been living and working in Paris and between America and Europe for theater and visual arts. In 1998, Paolo Campochiaro founded the company « AoP Compañía Inestable de Teatro » in Argentina, which was declared as the national interest by the congress of this country. Metamorphosis is the word which describes Paolo Campochiaro's art the best: constantly transforming our mundane life by distilling everyday life objects (lamps, buildings), stains on asphalt, graffiti...Through subtle arrangements, he plays around with our perception. His mats conceal their primary function, and assert themselves as a bewitching and heady opus. " This is what Campochiaro does the best, explore relation in a particular and incisive manner, giving us new explanations on things that one sees on a daily basis but however we aren't able to recognize them once his camera and eye have recreated them. His "close ups" work like a kaleidoscope of reality and encourage us to introspect. His images are metaphors of diversity with which Campochiaro perceives the world, constantly tense through obscurity and light, between individuality and collective, between reality and illusion" says Manuel Neves- Art historian and Independent Commissioner of the introduction for the photographic work of P. Campochiaro.
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