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Arthur Margossian

France Born in: 1956

Self-taught painter who started painting at the age of 23 years old. He was first drawn to the works of the impressionists. With a deep passion for painting, Arthur Margossian developed his talent through various currents of art, from impressionism to cubism. His various experiences led him to acquire a mastery of his craft and to realize that he could only express his sensitivity through his own unique work. He follows in the footsteps of Dubuffet, Gorki, Alechinsky and Rauschenberg. He is an artist who is constantly challenging himself and seeking new ways to improve his art. His recent pieces have marked a return to the canvas, where he has become skilled at combining street art and calligraphy to another level of beauty. 

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Few works remaining by Arthur Margossian

These are the last remaining works by Arthur Margossian.
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Arthur Margossian, Écriture 10, Painting

Arthur Margossian

Écriture 10, 2018
144 x 151 x 4 cm


Arthur Margossian, Kimono bleu, Painting

Arthur Margossian

Kimono bleu, 2020
202 x 98 x 4 cm


Arthur Margossian, Russ City, Painting

Arthur Margossian

Russ City, 2015
102 x 69 x 7.5 cm


Arthur Margossian, Écriture 12, Painting

Arthur Margossian

Écriture 12, 2018
65 x 97 x 4 cm


Arthur Margossian, Écriture 17, Painting

Arthur Margossian

Écriture 17, 2018
70 x 97 x 4 cm


Arthur Margossian, Kimono 1, Painting

Arthur Margossian

Kimono 1, 2020
199 x 136 x 4 cm


Modern Archetypes


Modern Archetypes
From September 2, 2021 To October 2, 2021

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