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Karina Volosina


Karina Vološina is a self-taught abstract artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. During the last couple of years Karina has been working on introducing a fresh glimpse into abstract art, expressing it through flowing ink and fluids in her artwork.

Having academic achievements in the field of preschool education, she managed to utilize the skill set acquired from numerous studies exploring the importance of art in education, and began to follow the path of creating art.

“I am grateful to have the freedom to create art which allows me to release the emotion of the given time with all my heart. I hope my art will allow others to feel that emotion that liberates. I am happy to create art pieces that are touched not only by my hand, but also by my heart" – mentions the founder of K.Art studio.

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Few works remaining by Karina Volosina

These are the last remaining works by Karina Volosina.
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Karina Volosina, Green, Painting

Karina Volosina

Green, 2020
90 x 70 cm


Karina Volosina, Energy, Painting

Karina Volosina

Energy, 2020
80 x 70 cm


Karina Volosina, Winter Night, Painting

Karina Volosina

Winter Night, 2020
55 x 100 cm


Karina Volosina, Stars, Painting

Karina Volosina

Stars, 2020
80 x 60 cm


Karina Volosina, Pink Sky, Painting

Karina Volosina

Pink Sky, 2020
70 x 60 cm


Karina Volosina, Blue Lagoon, Painting

Karina Volosina

Blue Lagoon, 2019
60 x 45 cm


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