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Bente Røyseth

Norway Born in: 1956

Bente is a self-taught Norwegian mixed media artist, who started painting with acrylics in 2003.

She has previously worked as an airline cabin attendant, hairdresser, radiology technician, graphic designer and Reiki Healer. Today she is a full-time abstract expressionist artist. When painting she explores her emotions that may arise, and by using her intuition and connecting to her inner self she helps the painting to evolve. She also implements the knowledge and experience, both theoretical and practical, she has attained these 17 years as an artist.

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Few works remaining by Bente Røyseth

These are the last remaining works by Bente Røyseth.
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Bente Røyseth, Entering Summer, Painting

Bente Røyseth

Entering Summer, 2020
46 x 35.3 x 1 cm


Bente Røyseth, Hydrangeas #1, Painting

Bente Røyseth

Hydrangeas #1, 2020
48 x 30 x 2 cm


Bente Røyseth, Limitless, Painting

Bente Røyseth

Limitless, 2019
50 x 40 x 2 cm


Bente Røyseth, In The Next Dimension, Painting

Bente Røyseth

In The Next Dimension, 2021
80 x 80 x 4 cm


Bente Røyseth, How Did We Get Here?, Painting

Bente Røyseth

How Did We Get Here?, 2021
90 x 90 x 4 cm


Bente Røyseth, Moving On, Painting

Bente Røyseth

Moving On, 2021
68 x 95 x 2 cm


Modern Archetypes


Modern Archetypes
From September 2, 2021 To October 2, 2021

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