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Tom Davis

Né(e) en: 1992



Biographie en cours de traduction

The frame is something crucial to perception, it can change how an object is seen and felt. Using the frame as a metaphor for faith; my work explores the effects of atheism on our perceptions. A painting becomes an earthbound object that abides by gravity. To see the sacred in the profane is the logical conclusion for one who seeks to replace the nihilist/ spiritual void that atheism may cause.

Visual games are a dominant language throughout my work, Dadaist materials and scepticism of modernist ideals are a concern that is of most importance to my practice.

I believe modernism has been and gone and today’s ideology is in a state of ‘Belligerent Nihilism’ this proves to be a powerful influence to the soup of thoughts in which my work is centred.

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Tom  Davis, Gift Wrapped, Peinture

Tom Davis

Gift Wrapped, 2016
77 x 77 x 2 cm

393 €

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