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Pascual Martínez & Vincent Sáe

Espagne Né(e) en: 2014

Vincent Sáez (Almoradí, 1976) and Pascual Martínez (Murcia, 1977) are two Spanish photographers working together. They combine their work as photographers with teaching, designing and curating photography exhibitions. Seduced by human relations and the study of society through photography as a means of anthropological exploration, they carry out independent projects reflecting upon identity from a natural environment perspective as the main axis of their speech, trying to transmit and represent new realities far away from clichés.

In 2014 they began working on the project titled “The tree of life is eternally green" in the city of Bucharest, in Romania. This work has been selected at “Full Contact Scan 2016", “Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña 2015", “Encontros da Imagem 2014" in Braga (Portugal), and finalist at “Barcelona International Photography Awards (BIPA) Lens Culture 2015" and at “20 Fotopres La Caixa", winner of the “Hacer" contest of the PHotoEspaña- Comunidad de Madrid Forum, selected in Photographic Itineraries at Pa-ta-ta Festival in Granada, and recently exhibited at Molinos del Río_Caballerizas in Murcia and in Espai Fotogràfic Can Basté at Barcelona.

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Carolina Borrero, Agapanthus, From The series Invasive Gardens, Photographie

Carolina Borrero

Agapanthus, From The series Invasive Gardens, 2019
40 x 30 x 0.1 cm

358 €

Adrianna MJW, Megève winter, Photographie

Adrianna MJW

Megève winter, 2022
40 x 30 x 0.1 cm

400 €

Heike Bohnstengel, Plant Textures, Agave, Photographie

Heike Bohnstengel

Plant Textures, Agave, 2018
30 x 30 x 0.1 cm

350 €

Richard Dunkley, White Rose, Photographie

Richard Dunkley

White Rose, 2006
50.8 x 40.6 x 2.5 cm

366 €

Theo Arno, Vidas Huellas 65 - (ArtPrint Hahnemuehle 315g), Photographie

Theo Arno

Vidas Huellas 65 - (ArtPrint Hahnemuehle 315g), 2021
45 x 30 x 0.5 cm

170 €

Joséphine Leddet, Sans-titre #1, Photographie

Joséphine Leddet

Sans-titre #1, 2020
50 x 40 cm

500 €

Kevin Jordan O'Shea, Untitled, Tokyo Japan., Photographie

Kevin Jordan O'Shea

Untitled, Tokyo Japan., 2019
30 x 45 x 0.3 cm

500 €

Claire Giraudeau, Urbain brutalisme, Photographie

Claire Giraudeau

Urbain brutalisme, 2021
40 x 30 cm

100 €

Juan Cristobal Cobo, Bogota Sans Titre 4, Photographie

Juan Cristobal Cobo

Bogota Sans Titre 4, 2016
30 x 40 x 0.1 cm

320 €

Nos recommandations Théo Gosselin, Lost and Found, Photographie

Théo Gosselin

Lost and Found, 2019
20 x 30 x 3 cm

350 €

Mihaela Ivanova, Hide and seek, Photographie

Mihaela Ivanova

Hide and seek, 2013
50 x 50 x 0.2 cm

450 €

Dominique Zoladz, Sans titre, Photographie

Dominique Zoladz

Sans titre, 2017
40 x 50 x 0.5 cm

350 €

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