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Roshi Khalilian


Born in Iran, Roshanak Khalilian graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in her home country, before moving to Switzerland where she continues her Art History studies at the UK’s Open University. Her expansive artwork skilfully integrates common human traits and behaviours present across the otherwise very different lifestyles, languages, religions, cultural values and traditions of the Middle East and Europe. Roshanak has staged her work at prominent worldwide solo and group exhibitions, including the Arabian Nights reception during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2017. Roshanak has a reputation for her remarkable ability to capture attitudes and emotions within her unique paintings. The distinctive designs used in the much-loved Mind Games ink collection and the All tHat GoLD series are formed in the striking shapes and colours that are indicative of Roshanak’s independent mixed media style. In the latter Roshanak explores the enchanting significance of gold and its long journey throughout life and history. She creates a luminous atmosphere to represent hope as the strongest element. Above all, Roshanak brings her abstract art alive by creating compositions that every member of the human race can relate to, despite our differences (for example language barriers), thereby illustrating our collective human nature. She is the founder of the highly regarded art studio Atelier Roshi in Baar, Switzerland.
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