The benefits of collecting fine art photographs

Photographs are a great way of starting a collection on account of both their price (often below that of paintings or sculptures) and their diversity. Any type of collector can find a type of photography that sparks their interest, from documentary photography to fashion photography.

This medium was given the status of an art only recently compared to other disciplines such as painting. What's more, a photograph is very often the only faithful witness of a historical fact or event. Before starting a photography collection, it is recommended to first decide on a time period, subject, or style on which to focus your search.

New collectors should have too much trouble with becoming familiar with the market and with photography-related innovations. There are several well-known annual meetings related to photography, such as the Rencontres d'Arles that have been taking place since 1970 and which help anyone who is interested in discovering contemporary photography.

There are also several prizes that will help you know which photographers to follow, for instance the HSBC Photography Prize, awarded since 1995.