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Performer artists are continuously pushing the boundaries of the art world, and redefining what's possible by questioning social norms. Even though performance is difficult to define, it's an art form that praises experimentation, especially in its extreme form. Despite the movement's beginnings in the middle of the 20th century, many theorists believe that it was born out of Dadaism, Futurism or even the Bauhaus movement. By its very nature, performance art is ephemeral, temporary, inscribed in time and not in space. The artist creates something elusive, and brings us along for the ride. Performance art artists also gravitate towards improvisation, happenings, installations and body art…

There are many famous performance artists. Of course, the Marina Abramovic and Ulay duo comes to mind, famous for questioning the limits of the human body. There's also the work of Mattew Barney, who similarly uses his body as a medium for his show at the Barbara Gladstone gallery in New York, transforming the space into a fitness center. ORLAN, one of the most famous artists of body art, questions the state of the body when faced with political, religious or social pressures. 

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