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Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, is a style of visual arts, design and architecture that was created in France in the early 20th century. It had a huge influence on many visual aspects of life, from fashion and household objects to buildings, trains and ocean liners. Taking its name from the 1925 Paris exhibition titled International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, the Art Deco movement incorporated both contemporary styles and high-quality artistry and materials. During the period of its creation, the style represented luxury, glamor, and confidence in societal and technological progress. 

Art Deco took inspiration from many periods of art and design that preceded it, and was one of the first art styles to be heavily influenced from various countries around the world. Among its main influences are the vibrant colors of Fauvism, the geometric shapes of Cubism and the Vienna Secession, the high-quality craftsmanship that took place under the reign of Louis Philippe I and Louis XVI, and various art styles from India, China, Persia, ancient Egypt and the Mayan civilization. During the beginning of World War II, Art Deco began to lose prominence to new art and design movements that favored functional and minimal styles, such as modernism and internationalism. 

Art Deco, despite its decline during World War II, has remained an influential art and design style today. The Art Deco-style skyscrapers in Manhattan, such as the Chrysler building and the Empire State Building, are a testament to this. Artsper has curated a selection of artists who align themselves with this influential art style, such as Georgi Velikov and Camille Piaton - discover them today!

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