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Contrary to Western and European countries who have considered the visual arts to be primarily painting and sculpture, pre-modern China held calligraphy to great esteem. By the 20th-century, everything surrounding aesthetic discourse had changed and Chinese art dramatically broadened from paintings to furniture. In the contemporary art scene, China has bred so many talented artists who have dominated the art market. An eclectic mix, Chinese art has evolved into a sophisticated blend of material and culture. For decades now, we've seen some of the most imaginative and provocative works that serve as inspiration for other contemporary artists as well. Take Ai Weiwei for example, who demands our attention by exposing harsh social injustices in his works. By continuously generating shocking pieces, he has become one of the most famous Chinese artists in the world. Find the greatest names in Chinese art on Artsper including, Yue Minjun, Liu Ye, Liu Bolin, and Feng Kaixuan.

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