Cross Cultural Artists

Cross cultural artists set themselves apart. Not only do they rely on several cultures to express themselves, but they often compare and contrast their cultures in evermore interesting ways. The hybridity of such an approach can be seen in the works of JonOne, the Harlem-raised Graffiti artist. After beginning his career at the young age of 17, he moved to Paris shortly after, never forgetting his American and Dominican roots. Other examples include Enfant Précoce, the Franco-Cameroonian painter who combines his passion for painting with that of fashion and dance.

Whether it be through travel or nationality, cross cultural artists are able to create new dialogues between different identities and cultures. They occupy an extremely interesting in-between space that enables them to pursue several traditions at a time, often mixing and matching them as they please. Take Paul Gauguin for example, who sought a certain form of escapism through his Tahitian travels, but who never fully left the French traditions he felt limited him. A more modern example of this kind of cross-cultural mélange can be seen in the works of Paola Pivi. Originally from Italy, the visual artist is known for her humor-filled works, often featuring animals, and she now lives in Anchorage, Alaska. 

With Artsper's selection, discover other artists who employ their rich cultural heritage to offer unique and inquisitive works. Whether it be Cédric Klapisch's series “Paris-New York" or the provocative works of Ai Weiwei, you're sure to find the artist to shake you out of your comfort zone…

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