English Landscape Painters

A typical item that you will find in many homes in the UK? A work by an English landscape painter, like Claire Wiltsher, for example! Indeed, the English classical school has largely devoted itself to this particular exercise of landscape depiction. It must be said that this famous genre has been emulated in all countries. Thus, JMW Turner, Joseph Constable or Richard Wilson were first influenced by the painters of northern continental Europe, such as Brueghel or Van Eyck.

But the great masters and nature were not the only inspirations for English landscape painters. The incredible variety offered by the Big Island invites the wild landscapes of rural England to mingle with the more urban scenes of the banks of the Thames in London or the town centers of the smallest villages in the UK. This pictorial genre, which is widespread on the other side of the Channel, has gradually become a must-have in British interiors. However, emerging artists are now shaking up the codes by offering revisited and semi-abstract landscapes.

Choose between ultra-realistic landscapes with a classical look and golden frames, or abstract and colorful landscapes. Some artists even go as far as representing surprising surrealist landscapes... Discover today our eclectic selection of English landscape painters and give a British and cosy touch to your home. So, are you going to fall for an English style decoration?

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