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Environmental artists are becoming more and more present across the contemporary art scene, and inspiring subject matter surely isn't lacking these days. Each day, our planet faces different hardships, whether it be in the form of deforestation, sea level rise, pollution or other threats. As a universal language, art is perfectly suited to raise these issues and challenge us to face them. Land art is one of the very first movements to directly deal with nature's vulnerability, and around the same time, the Reclamation art movement takes the stage. A true pioneer of ecological art, the latter created fertile ground for other forms of environmental art by rethinking isolated and polluted areas. Today, the artistic approaches to this cause have multiplied: immersive performances, artwork sales that benefit charities, political actions, large-scale installations, artworks made from recycled materials… There truly is no limit to the ways environmentalism can manifest itself across the art world these days. 

Several contemporary artists have in fact taken this subject to be their main focus. Among them some names that stand out, such as Vik Muniz, Demiak, Franck Seguin and others. It is also impossible not to name Olafur Eliasson, the internationally renowned artist behind experimental installations such as The Weather Project. There is also Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the photographer and journalist who conveys his ecological passion by showing us the world's astounding beauty through his photographs. As for Sam Dougados, his focus is to create land art installations that reconnect us with nature. Moi is another example, repurposing recycled materials to create his artworks. 

With this collection of artists, discover the radical figures that continuously fight for the environment. Artsper has put together a comprehensive selection, with everything from artists who use environmentally friendly paint to breathtaking photographs that celebrate our planet…

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