Experimental Painters

The art world has often been divided into two categories: those who advocated tradition and classical art, and those who sought to discover new ways to express their creativity. Experimental painters are undoubtedly part of the latter! Their experimentations took on ever new forms: focus on materials, research on colors or questioning of the representation itself. This is how abstraction and art brut were born! Whatever the artistic discipline (music, visual arts, literature...), experimental artists have always been driving forces, bringing new practices and enriching the creative horizon. All the mediums have been invested, with their specificities. Thus, the artists in experimental painting are largely differentiated from the sculptors or the artists in experimental drawing.

 Among these we can distinguish Jacques Doucet, Karel Appel or Asger Jorn. Discover the best experimental artists of the moment and give a good dose of character to your interior. Whether it's for a bedroom, a living room or even a semi-outdoor space, these cutting-edge works of art will add the finishing touch to your decor. What are you waiting for? Dive into this collection of experimental painters selected by our experts at Artsper!

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