Figurative Collage

Artists have used collage as an art form for centuries. The modern tradition of collage as we know it now, however, is credited to the Cubist artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. In the early 1900s, these artists experimented with sticking newspaper cuttings and other materials onto their canvases in order to create surprising connections between visual elements. The Cubists' collage art creations went on to inspire many modern artists to experiment with the technique, which soon became a staple in the world of modern art

Today, collage is an extremely diverse art form. Contemporary artists of diverse styles produce collages to create visually interesting compositions. For figurative artists, meaning artists that represent the visible material world through art, collage can be used to add unexpected or abstract elements to their work. Artsper has curated a selection of artists producing figurative collages, from the abstract-figurative collages of Marian Williams to the colorful, expressive canvases of Pascal Marlin. Discover these artists among many others producing figurative collage artworks today!

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