Despite a real attraction for artistic creation, his parents pushed her into doing studies. After graduating in psychology, she goes to discover the world and it is far from the family weight that she gives birth to her first child. She then settled in Vanuatu where she met the artist Juan Roderta and the journalist Alphonso Colondro. These two men will permit a real questioning of the artist; she will discover the necessity of painting.
Back in Paris, she opens her first workshop in 1981 and will end up exhibiting her artworks in 1985, 86, 88 and 89 at the Autumn Fair of the Grand Palais, allowing her to start an international career. After two years of illness, Emmanuelle loosed her inspiration and opened a psychiatrist office where she practiced therapy art.
In 2006 she leaves her Parisian life to go and settle in Brittany, which will be a starting point for her creative energy. At the request of a collector Michel Chamming, Emmanuelle will exhibit with success in Paris in 2009. During the inauguration of a gallery in New York, she met Jean-Claude Reumont that proposed to meet with her to represent her in China.
Today Emmanuelle Vroelant's artworks are presented in the United States, China and France.
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Emmanuelle Vroelant - Current Woks

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Emmanuelle Vroelant - Current Woks

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Who is the artist?

What is Emmanuelle Vroelant’s artistic movement?

The artistic movements of the artists are: Abstract Artists Working in Earthy Tones

When was Emmanuelle Vroelant born?

The year of birth of the artist is: 1952