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Sébastien Tixier

France Born in: 1980 Emerging artists
Sébastien Tixier is a self-taught photographer born in 1980, living in Paris. He captures scenes to which he alone holds the secret. With the strange and delicate light of twilight or dawn, the photographer immortalizes both dreamlike scenes and vast urban and natural landscapes.

His series "Stories of ordinary life" and "What remains of our dreams" give us a mysterious and erotic glimpse of women placed in settings inspired by the colours of the sky. The photographer is also talented at landscape photography. In "Allanngorpoq" he provides an overview of the Greenland’s magnificent landscapes as well as shots of the changing society as it has felt the influence of westernization.

His works have been received with numerous prizes, he obtained the FEPN Author Grand Prix in 2009 and the Gold Award at the Px3 Awards in 2011 and 2013.
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Viesta, les vestiges de l'amour, 2021
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