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The writer Steven Heller notes that the origin of the logo has its origin in antiquity, as a single image of something used as an expression of an individual or representing an idea, thought or indeed a product. The use of pictorial depictions got around illiteracy, stating where someone has been or what their trade was and in a world today dominated by visual culture – the logo is here to stay. Therefore, can logos become works of art themselves? The striking primary colors of the Brillo logo are burned into our minds; associated with everyday life, they were elevated to viable subject matter thanks to Pop Art. Coinciding with the globalization of pop music, icons, and youth culture, Pop Art as an art movement emerged in the mid-50s in Britain and in the late 50s in the United States to challenge the traditions of fine art. The logo and its legacy within pop artworks have undoubtedly inspired the contemporary artists as the viewer is affronted by advertisement on the daily. In Artsper's own selections of logo-inspired artists, the likes of Diederik van Apple created his own version of Pop Art, whilst Efi Mashiah takes the logo and recycles the subject into a whole genre of the decorative object.

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