Dutch artists

At the port of Amsterdam, sailors aren't the only ones who lift up your spirits...the artistic scene is seething with excitement. In the furrow of Jérôme Bosch, Rubens, Van Gogh or even Rembrandt….the young guard of contemporary art carries on the artistic zeal of Dutch Venice. Worthy heirs of the past, today the artists reinvent the legend, by releasing themselves from the classic traditions and deploying intense creativity. They share a taste for the unusual, poetry and the out of sync, they position themselves outside of reason, beyond the norms, but remain at the center of our questions. 

In keeping with the Dutch teachings, the contemporary creation breaks with Italian Renaissance art, by figuring out “the lively life, man, his virtues, his duties, his joys, his whims...Simply an art for Man" (Bürger). 

20th century onwards, Mondrian, de Kooning, but also Marlene Dumas began giving a new lease of life, which sets off the art market today. Design, photo, installation, drawing...as many works, as it's popularity.

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