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As the street art movement developed from its humble beginnings in the 60s to being incorporated into the public space, the power of street art attained a sense of responsibility…to unite the viewer. Street art may affront the viewer but when pop culture is the subject, it becomes relatable. Popular culture is recognizable, familiar and one can argue isn't as subject to deconstruction or divisiveness as something presented as “art". From Australian artist Jimmy C in London to Efix in the streets of Paris incorporating an exposed pipe into his rendition of Lisa Simpson playing the saxophone, the subject is apparent. Depicting sports figures to musicians, cartoon characters and comic book strips, these artists cover it all. Particularly from the late 90s until today, one can attain an insight into which sports heroes street artists revere (like Jimmy C and his mural of Usain Bolt), if artists are attuned to paying homage to their predecessors by reinterpreting them like Jisbar, which brands and objects they find fascinating in work by Onemizer and of course what they find nostalgic or an echo of their youth as in work by Nacks. By diving into our repertoire of pop culture street artists you'll find that pop culture allows for collective understanding through storytelling.

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