Provocative Artists

The history of art has been punctuated by many scandals and outbursts of provocative artists. With the main goal of art being to elicit a reaction, it is obvious that some artists try to take us out of our comfort zone. Some provocative painters have scandalized the critics, such as Gustave Courbet with his famous painting "The Origin of the World" in 1866, very much ahead of his time in his representation of nudity. But painters are not the only provocative artists. The photographers Nobuyoshi Araki and Bettina Rheims also turned their lenses to controversial subjects.

However, scandal is not necessarily linked to nudity. Provocation in art comes from a will to shock and to free itself from the limits or taboos, which is why many committed artists use their art to spread subversive messages and go against the established governments. This is the case of street artists such as Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat or Keith Haring.

You don't like simplistic works? You want to support artists who are not afraid to take risks? Artsper has put together a catalog of provocative artists of all nationalities. Their works will be perfect to give your living room a pop and show off your taste. Which one will catch your eye?

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