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Zed To Be Dreamer 1, 2020


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About the work
  • Medium

    Sculpture : acrylic, paper

  • Dimensions cm | inch

    23 x 17 x 20 cm

  • Display

    The sculpture cannot be displayed outdoors

  • Type

    Numbered and limited to 100 copies

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    Work sold with an invoice from the gallery
    and a certificate of authenticity

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    Artwork signed in the mold

  • About the artwork

    Artwork sold in perfect condition

    The Flexo is numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity, as well as a packaging pouch.
    This model is available in 100 copies per color.
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Origin: France
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The complexity of the world drives and inspires Zed to create. Born in 1976 in Mulhouse, France, this self-taught sculptor has been perfecting his technique since the age of twelve, working in diverse materials. As a child, on the beach, he discovered the potential of sand; when he got older, living in the Antilles, he started working with wood. Since 2010, Zed has started an exploration of his favorite material: the acrylic glass. His sculptures may be red, they may be purple, green, yellow, or even blue - Zed explores the medium in all its chromatic possibilities.

He has conceived his most famous works, the Flexos, as a natural consequence of his research on attitudes and movement. The Flexo is a unique silhouette and a neutral character. Zed believes that it is possible to translate any emotion, to say anything, simply through gestures. In its various postures, the Flexo incarnates Zed's wish to capture the variety and the fluidity of gestures: "in love, contemplative, audacious or insolent, each Flexo is a reflection of us".

Each of Flexo's "cool", "daring", "active", "desperate" attitudes is obtained through thermoforming by hand. Following the same principle, Zed has developed his "Cleb'art", Roxo and Woopy, in sitting poses, all natural, sometimes caught "in the act" or waiting attentively.

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Zed, To Be Dreamer 1
Zed, To Be Dreamer 1 Zed, To Be Dreamer 1 Zed, To Be Dreamer 1