The benefits of collecting paintings

Painting has, for several centuries, been the most often used and the most extensively developed medium; it is the ultimate artistic practice in Fine Arts. A painting collection offers several advantages, including a wide variety in the choice of technique, subject, and style, which can meet the expectations of any type of collector. As with any collection, it is recommended to follow your heart when buying artwork. However, to narrow your search down—given how ample the choice is—you can set yourself a framework. Your collection might focus on an artistic movement, a geographical area, or a specific technique or subject.

As a way of training their eye and honing their taste, collectors of contemporary paintings often attend several events, salons, and fairs. While one of the most famous ones in France is the FIAC (International Contemporary Art Fair) held in Paris, galleries are also a good starting point to gain familiarity with the market. Auctions houses should also not be underestimated.