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Brussels (capital of comic strips), its Grand Place but especially its artists… Belgium is the birthplace of numerous European artistic movements of the 20th century. Movements that have seen their support and their philosophy strengthened under the influence of many artistic personalities of the time. Take Belgian surrealism, which was in full swing in the inter-war period. Amongst its pioneers are Paul Nougé and René Magritte, or Achille Chavée and Fernand Dumont. Not to mention the revolutionary surrealism, followed by the Cobra movement, founded after the Second World War by Christian Dotremont and Joseph Noiret. 

Apart from these artistic movements, Belgium is also known for the bright colors of Pierre Alechinsky’s paintings, engravings or drawings. But also Pol Bury and his geometric steel sculptures. These are works whose impeccably sharp and precise contours stay in our memory. We can also look to the work of the Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers. This photographer and visual artist undeniably contributed to the charges that animated and turned the art scene upside down in the mid-1960s. An artist who throughout his life questioned the interactions that exist between art, perceived as a museographic political and economic institution, and the public. 

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