Explosions of Color

Artists invented the earliest pigments over 40,000 years ago, using natural materials like soil, chalk, and animal fat. Back then, the color palette available to artists was limited: the only colors they were able to produce were red, black, white, brown and yellow. Since those times, artists' discoveries and scientific advances have resulted in a far wider scope of colored pigments. Artists now have the choice of almost every color imaginable or visible to the human eye, from shades of black to the most vivid hues

In modern and contemporary art, artists have taken advantage of the range of colors available to them in the modern age. Many abstract artists have used color as a principal focus of their work, one example being Sonia and Robert Delaunay's art movement Orphism. These works reject any notion of naturalism and perspective, favoring flat, abstract planes of bright color. 

Today, many artists continue the legacy of modernist artists that placed bright and vivid colors at the center of their work. Artsper has curated a selection of contemporary artists whose works are characterized by explosions of color, including Tiberiu Soos and Susanne Herbold. Join us today to discover their works, among many others, today!

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