Mischievous Sculptures

Sculpture is an art form with a long history, the earliest known examples dating back to around 32,000 BC. Some of the earliest sculptures depicted human and animal forms, which are still very popular subjects for contemporary sculptors. Today, artists produce sculptural works in a diverse range of mediums and styles. From abstract forms to representations of objects and beings, the art form of sculpture is ever evolving and expanding. 

Today, Artsper explores the world of sculpture through contemporary artists producing works with a mischievous edge. In our curated selection, you will find works such as the personified animals of Viktor Zuk, the colorful robots of Nicolas Prabel, and the vivid pop art mushrooms of Potchi Moopp. Pushing the boundaries of sculpture, these artists each interpret and modernize the ancient art form in their own unique and playful way. Join us today to find mischievous sculptural works by these contemporary artists, among many others, today!

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