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Professional art gallery

Bienne , Switzerland

Artsper seller since 2016
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The modern painters and artist from the groupe #2022© are happy to present their works. The members are
Oliver Johnson, Peter Klein, Marek Przybylik, Gaëtano Messina et Christophe Zuber, and others. They open the atelier just for you - feel free to call or to write.
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  • Waldrainstrasse 45
    2503, Bienne
    office gallery artnsport61

  • Peter Klein
    , Ernen/VS
    atelier peinture-sculpture

  • Johnson Oliver Leber
    , Berlin
    atelier für farbe und entwicklung

Christophe Zuber, Goldrock, Painting

Christophe Zuber

Goldrock, 2014
78.7 x 39.4 x 1.2 inch


Marek Przybylik, Die Schwester von Marc - La soeur de Marc, Painting

Marek Przybylik

Die Schwester von Marc - La soeur de Marc, 2015
78.7 x 118.1 x 1.2 inch


Christophe Zuber, Answer to Kazuo Shiraga - 1961, Painting

Christophe Zuber

Answer to Kazuo Shiraga - 1961, 2016
3.9 x 7.9 x 0.4 inch


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