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MoBe Art Gallery Art Collector

MoBe Art Gallery Art Collector

Medolago - Italy

No name, no earth

Medolago From June 19, 2020 to July 31, 2020

3D Virtual Exhibition

25 UNPUBLISHED WORKS by Alessandra Bisi - 2020

In 2020, the earth's population and the planet are facing the pandemic. We are at the centre of a great change in continuous transformation and becoming. A change that has caught the existence of surprise and has many consequences, not all devastating such as the economic one. Many other different events have not yet happened. We will be witnesses and protagonists. Surprise and disorientation in a reality that has diminished differences and that has made the essential powerfully visible by focusing on the relationship with nature.

In this suspended situation, it was fundamental for me to metabolize, to remain still to intercept and perceive my relationship with the space of this time to redesign it by returning painting.
A fluid desert of space, full of new ideas. A desert that I coloured with powders sometimes not dilutable in water but different and mixed.
All the works I present are painted with pigments on paper and measure 70x100 cm.
The 25 paintings are titled in groups of three, two, five.

IRON AND FIRE 1-2-3 Thinking about the iron that burns and becomes incandescent. Like a land of fires that also erases pieces of memory but resists.

RED MEMORIES 1-2-3 Just memory can revolutionize the sense of erasing our identity. It is red as the colour that we all perceive first that is found in the history of ourselves.

POWER OF WATER 1-2-3 Water is the beginning and the end and it is the power that has life. Strong and true pure gold. Washes and melts, flows, floods.
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