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Galerie Géraldine Banier

Galerie Géraldine Banier

Paris - France

Intérieurs féminins

Paris From August 1, 2020 to September 6, 2020

In March, the intimate space, that of the house, reinforced its walls to face the invisible enemy who prowled, the Covid-19. The cocoon's threads have closed around the frightened caterpillar.
After the stupor, a new organization of the living space was created, inviting many the school and the office to coexist on the dining room table. These necessary intrusions have changed the design of the habitat of tomorrow.

For several weeks, public places have been slowly reopening. They must be redesigned and contain the concepts of protection, distance and number. Public space is being rebuilt and tends to integrate the notions of intimacy, of individualization of the common space while respecting the other.

The "Intérieurs Féminins" exhibition features three artists: Lino Lago, Sylvie Mangaud and René Roméro Schuler, in a space designed as a home. Femininity is on the walls and in space, the scenography questions these new frontiers between the intimate and the public. It is an invitation to gentleness and shared interiority.
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  • 54 rue jacob
    75006, Paris

Lino Lago, Fake abstract pink on Ingres, Painting

Lino Lago

Fake abstract pink on Ingres, 2019
43.7 x 39.8 x 1.2 inch


René Romero Schuler, Calyope, Painting

René Romero Schuler

Calyope, 2019
59.9 x 48 x 1.6 inch


Sylvie Mangaud, Allure, Sculpture

Sylvie Mangaud

Allure, 2019
37.4 x 5.9 x 7.1 inch

10,000 - $ 15,000

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