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VOYZX Fine Art Project

VOYZX Fine Art Project

Vancouver - Canada

VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism

Vancouver From August 8, 2019 to August 18, 2019

With great joy we present the VOYZX Fine Art Project inaugural exhibition: “VOYZX Exhibition
of Contemporary Surrealism”. This exhibition showcases the artworks of eleven exceptional talents from nine different countries: established artists, who have already achieved a high level of international reputation and mid-career artists, who are expanding the horizons of their recognition.
Eleven artists, eleven directions of search, art manners, findings, and statements reflected in their
artworks with every piece interacting with the viewer. Every artwork contains a story and some work as invitation to dialogues. Artists talk about themselves and their journeys to reaching their visions, each in their own unique way, they structure spaces with a special visual intonation, creating single pictures of perception, connecting the impossible. They do not limit themselves to the once discovered and publicly valued, they continue with new forms, emphasizing new meanings and motivations. They immerse the viewer to go from the ordinary into the state of contemplation and thoughtful comprehension of our inner and outer worlds.
Our exhibition is a journey into an atmosphere of special contemplation; a metaphorical multi -
dimensional space where multi-syllable visual patterns reproduce the panorama of our existence.
VOYZX curatorial team
August 2019
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  • 555 Columbia St
    V6A 4H5, Vancouver, BC
    Exhibition hall

Vladimir Kolosov, Lost in mental space, Painting

Vladimir Kolosov

Lost in mental space, 2016
28 x 22 x 0.75 inch


Vladimir Kolosov, Cocktail party, Painting

Vladimir Kolosov

Cocktail party, 2018
50 x 37 x 0.01 inch


Vladimir Kolosov, In search of a self-identity, Painting

Vladimir Kolosov

In search of a self-identity, 2019
48 x 108 x 1.5 inch


Vladimir Kolosov, The cult of virility, Painting

Vladimir Kolosov

The cult of virility, 2019
36 x 48 x 2.5 inch