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MoBe Art Gallery Art Collector

MoBe Art Gallery Art Collector

Medolago - Italy

Geo Alto

Medolago From June 15, 2021 to July 15, 2021

World Basement Gallery hosts the exhibition "Geo Alto". This is the latest project by Alessandra Bisi. 16 works will be exhibited, of which 14 are unpublished plus the iron structure that the artist has created to contain painted parts and the montage of an upper and tilting area. The artist imagines and recreates visions as if they were captured by a satellite. Satellites and drones allow us to look at the planet from a new perspective and thanks for some time we can also identify many critical issues. The works intend to express not only a particular vision, but also the fact that our environment is almost entirely transformed by human intervention. The choice of artistic creations was both pictorial and digital. works two large canvases "Tracciato geo" and "Tracciato geo 1". On display are the six small painted matrices from which six other works have been obtained through many digital interventions. The exhibition catalog will be in the gallery. The exhibition will also be exhibited on a virtual platform from 15 June onwards.
World Basement Gallery
Piazza A.Fusina 2 Milan
The exhibition will not be inaugurated with a vernissage but visited only by appointment with kind notice.
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  • piazza A. Fusina 2
    20122, Milano

Alessandra Bisi

Alessandra Bisi