Galerie Molin Corvo

Galerie Molin Corvo

Paris - France


Paris From May 7, 2022 to June 4, 2022


« The title I have chosen for this exhibition refers to my work, an unsweetened work, « with no added sugar ».

SugarFree is a word that has accompanied Anna Stella for almost all of her life. Calibrating the sugars in her diet on a daily basis, for health reasons, has made this word familiar and reassuring: it represents the possibility of choice, in choosing what to eat.

The same concept, throughout her work, reflects her intent and objective:

“My art is presented without any kind of superstructure that helps to appreciate its quality, a work « without added sugars ».

“My work has evolved with me, it has grown through my experiences, taking on forms tailored to my time. I like to think of my art as the documentation of my life. Drawing has always been in the first place in my artistic career but lately I have felt the need to experiment with painting, in a completely personal way and far from the classic sense of the term. I find myself intrigued by materials that until now I had not taken into consideration: I thus began to approach the use of enamel, acrylic and oil with a material approach. The sign has become less precise, abandoning myself to the need to give less importance to the pleasant aesthetic effect in favour of the absolute manifestation of my intent. »

Anna Stella believes that authenticity is a winning approach to life. She does not just pursue a concept of beauty but a strong communication with the observer.

“The path of life presents itself to us as direct, hard and real: it is then our task to add those sugars that in the right quantity make the difference, without intoxicating us and arriving at that famous « meaning of life”.
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  • 16, rue des Saints Pères
    75007, Paris
    dans la cour a droite
    +33 6 62013959

I’m a female rebel, Anna Stella Zucconi

I’m a female rebel

Anna Stella Zucconi

Fine Art Drawings - 27.6 x 39.4 x 0.8 inch


22 - (recto verso), Anna Stella Zucconi

22 - (recto verso)

Anna Stella Zucconi

Fine Art Drawings - 39.4 x 27.6 inch


Karma, Anna Stella Zucconi


Anna Stella Zucconi

Fine Art Drawings - 31.5 x 28.3 inch


Redboy (Recycled Teenager), Anna Stella Zucconi

Redboy (Recycled Teenager)

Anna Stella Zucconi

Fine Art Drawings - 31.9 x 8.3 x 0.4 inch


Frode84, Anna Stella Zucconi


Anna Stella Zucconi

Fine Art Drawings - 91.3 x 108.3 x 0.4 inch


Bloodymery, Anna Stella Zucconi


Anna Stella Zucconi

Fine Art Drawings - 72.8 x 41.3 x 0.4 inch


Anna Stella Zucconi

Anna Stella Zucconi