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Gilles Desrozier

France Born in: 1963
Gilles Desrozier was born in 1963 in Paris (France). He lives and works in Paris.

He is a true poet of our time. Not through his themes, although they might be defined as poetry, but by his way of breaking the norms, or reason. When reason stalls, because space is transformed into a visual paradox, poetry is born, at once elusive, captivating, incongruous, ironic and funny at the same time.

Gilles Desrozier confuses the perception, but he also likes to charm it. His framing and his sense of color produce an excitation electrifying the eye. His work is, in fact, a world in itself, emerged from the meeting between different realities. He recounts that the Inscape series comes from a personal experience, a fantasy of his childhood when an image of the forest put a spell on him, and took him into the forest. Desrozier also takes us in his inner universe.

Gilles Desrozier bases his practice on a mute but tenacious competition between architecture and nature. There is no environmental side to his approach. It is rather the expression of a tension through the image. The works of Desrozier are impeccably thorough, which makes his vision believable, but he also gets close to a clash or an accident by comparing antithetical poles: the wall and the perspective, the inside and the outside, above and below, the alive and the inert, life and death, the ideal and the material. This is how born myths are born: from the meeting of two dimensions (once, that of men and that of the gods) and a mysterious dialog, often initiatory and sometimes painful between them. All we have to do is listen to him, with our eyes.
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