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Jeff Brown

United States

I love to paint, to create, to combine known elements in a new way. To bring visual joy and the pleasure of recognition of historical elements, symbols and references. It is my conceit that if I am having fun creating these paintings that people will feel some of the same enjoyment  that I do while they are looking at them.

I came to painting through the back door. I have been a collector for many years, reacting to the pieces that I ended up having to own, to plumb their offerings every day. After spending much time at museums, galleries and shows, I began to ask “Why didn't the artist do it this way, or that way?" So I began to realize my own ideas on canvas and to learn the craft.

And I cannot wait to find the next one waiting for me on my easel.

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No works available by Jeff Brown

Unfortunately, there are currently no available works by Jeff Brown.
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Pierrick Allemand, African airport, Painting

Pierrick Allemand

African airport, 2019
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