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Pierre Badie Notseig

Existence, 2020

Photography : HD print 23.6 x 15.7 x 0.4 inch


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Pierre Badie Notseig, Existence

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Artwork sold in perfect condition

Artwork delivered unframed, rolled 2 sizes available: - 30 x 40cm, - 60 x 80 cm.
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ART TRAFFIK • Anglet, France

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Dimensions cm inch
23.6 x 15.7 x 0.4 inch
Not framed
Numbered and limited to 30 copies
28 copies available
Work sold with an invoice from the gallery and a certificate of authenticity
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Pierre Badie Notseig

Pierre Badie Notseig

France • Born in: 1993

French artists

His sensitivity combined with his solitude calls him to creation... He tries the piano, but ends up putting aside the practice of it "the piano is today a one-way Love, that I sabotaged, but to which I do not give up". He also tried the guitar, tried the creation of jewels, but without too much conviction... "it emptied my head, but that's all". He also composes music, for which he takes the pseudonym Notseig, but there again he scuttles.
Drawing, Art? Of course he thought about it and remembers some drawings and the pleasure of having done them (and their result) but from there to become an artist? Unimaginable for him! Still lacking confidence in himself... " I was broken, sabotaged, so denigrated, by others, then by myself ". Pierre is in full wandering between his wounds and his loneliness... He senses art as a means of expressing what he is and feels the desire to create, but without daring, nor assuming, he refuses to art and in particular to drawing, which will become, however, his medium, because one day, he tells me, "I read a book that is a trigger. I then reversed the direction of the slope". Its title is evocative: "Stop being nice, be true" by Thomas d'Asembourg... What does it change? Everything for Pierre ... Because he understands that he has never been himself, true, but that the reflection of the desires of others or their projections, and never up to their expectations ... For these reasons, he banned ... drawing. He wants to break this paradigm and decides to take a pencil, a sheet of paper. "I remember that blank sheet of paper... The first line I drew was one of the most difficult acts of my life. But gradually the following ones became easier and easier...". Pierre was reborn... Notseig, as an Artist, was also born...
Drawing has never left him and Pierre has never stopped improving so that his line is always more faithful to his emotions... Then, he discovers photography, and decides to perfect himself with this same will: to harmonize the fruit of his creation with HIS inner world. This leads him to want to go further in the image and its composition: he learns to work and especially to recompose the image by computer, and creates works in digital art.Drawing, photos, or digital art: three very different mediums that he exploits to retranscribe his emotions, and / or the narration of his universe. But which, with Notseig, find their union, their resonance, their harmony through the sincerity of what animates him and which he impregnates his works.
For it is necessary to understand, to feel it, that Notseig's works, whatever the medium, always emanate either from an emotion that they translate, or from a desire to narrate his universe. Thus, as the conscious is linked to the unconscious, or as what is the abstract reported to the figurative: either his emotion is translated in its sensitive dimension and especially instantaneous, pure, or in a narrative context.Drawing ? Some are born from a thoughtless stroke, each pencil stroke being born and guided by the previous one, approaching then a form of abstraction. Others come from an intention that the artist has in mind and wishes to project on paper, because the narrative intention is then more figurative. Photography and/or digital art? It is the same... Photography is sufficient in itself to capture in images a pure emotion, where the artist will stop at the side of the road suddenly to freeze what he has just seen because he has found an echo with his own emotions or that it has generated a strong emotion in him. But when it is a question of a narrative desire, the artist carries out a work of composition, of recomposition of images, leaving photography to exploit the techniques of digital art. He thus varies the mediums according to his intention, and his desire, but always carried by the expression of his sensitivity. Each work has for him an intense emotional impact.
Pierre creates, at this time, without having any other goal than to do what he likes, and not yet the desire to live from it and to assume his creation by subjecting it to the glance of the others... He creates for him, to let free court to what he is and inhabits it, determined to "be true". He accumulates the works, and also takes confidence... He DARES the desire to show his works first via social networks under the pseudonym Notseig. His work collects "likes", laudatory comments ... He then creates his website and sells his first works ... The artist who has always been in him, but repressed, exposes himself and finally assumes. "I had never accepted to assume myself as an artist: I take back MY place". He approaches a gallery of Limoge, where he resides, it exposes him. And it is there that he contacts Art Traffik...

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