Impérial, 2016

by Albert Chanut

Sculpture : bronze, metal, stainless steel 12.2 x 5.1 x 3.9 inch


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Unique work


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Sculpture: bronze, metal, stainless steel

Dimensions cm inch

12.2 x 5.1 x 3.9 inch Height x Width x Depth


The sculpture cannot be displayed outdoors

Artwork sold in perfect condition

Origin: France

Sculpture by Albert Chanut in stainless steel.
This sculptor realizes his sculptures by being inspired by the forms presented to him.
The colors of his sculptures are obtained by the different shades of metal heating.
Each sculptor is varnished to preserve these shades.
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Galerie Art Pluriel Rive Droite • France

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Albert Chanut

Albert Chanut

France • Born in: 1942


French artists

Albert-Louis Chanut is a Saint-Etienne sculptor born in 1942. The son of a tailor and a seamstress, he works with stainless steel as custom-made costumes were made from patterns and plasma cut pieces, argon seams, bathroom treatments and so on. acid and long polish lovers. He is also the son of a man who died in the war, so he always used to say: "My mother was a seamstress and my father was somewhere else". It is a rich and sober work at the same time, the materials are heavy and the fine execution, full of tenderness and heavy of a poem sometimes tinged with the regret of a humanity which seeks itself without always being or being fulfilled , raw stories of men working or going to war in the sandy fury of soles that have not always had the choice of their fights. There is also a very pure joy, all that humanity has not stolen from childhood, with the particular expressions of people who love love and who know the language. We have seen periods wood, women, colors, symbol, metal, painting, drawing but these are just words, they resonate with force or image that because we love what we feel when we contemplate this working life, and today it is a fine and strong work that emerges, flexible and wild like a liana, controlled and alive as a personal culture, with the singularity and the aesthetic refinement of the interior debates carried out . I would not like ... It would bother me a little if you thought that there is only the deferential admiration, a bit obligatory and inescapable that one owes to a predecessor or to a master, or to a reference or someone who was there before and who taught you everything, and especially what you had to know. What we needed to know and what we needed to understand otherwise there is little chance to contact within ourselves a violent and powerful creative force like a torrent of lava to which we must give shape to make it presentable in the eyes of the world. Albert-Louis Chanut can allow you this, to understand and put more than an image, a volume on a treasure of emotion that has been inside you since all this time and of which you perhaps only had confusedly aware, through a sculpture that is a mirror for all of us, both ancestor and offspring. Maroussia Chanut My artistic approach of the moment. Errors, failures, mistakes are my motives for moving forward. Garbage and metal scraps, random metal castings, are my inspiration. I work from miniature compositions and then I enlarge these originals in dimensions that do not pose any problem of scale. My sculptures vary from a few millimeters to negligible weight to the largest piece I made which weighs 10 tons and measures 14 m long and 7 m high (place of the bicentenary of the revolution in Saint-Etienne). I made 5 sculptures on the public space of my good city and others in communes of the department. I am a Jarezian sculptor. All my sculptures tell a story that is created at the same time that I make them. In general, they express human passions and conditions in their good and bad moments, reviewed and corrected by my own life experience. The public's freedom of interpretation is of great importance to me.
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