The benefits of collecting prints

There are several advantages to collecting prints. Let's start with the most appealing of these advantages, namely the price. Indeed, the price of a print often ranges from €100 to €1,000, and rarely exceeds this amount. Such prices make it easier to start and grow a print collection. Thanks to the low prices, anyone can treat themselves to a print by a great master!

The low prices are also an advantage in terms of decorating. Prints make decorating an interior cheaper and faster. Thanks to their prices, collectors are able to acquire prints more easily – and why not create a gallery wall?

Beyond questions of price, collecting prints offers simple framing and preservation solutions. Any type of frame suits prints, and what's even better, the simpler the frame, the easier it is to maintain a work's value. Aside from the necessity to pay particular attention to heat and moisture, prints are very resistant works once they are framed!

Prints are often showcased during contemporary art Salons and Fairs. SOON Paris is an excellent opportunity to discover the world of prints and receive advice from professionals. The salon took place for only the third time in December 2017.

To sum up, prints are also a great solution for starting a collection, in terms of price, decoration and preservation. However, make sure you take note of the work's marking (for example 1/29) and the total number of copies available.