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Rusty Mood, Jef Aérosol

Rusty Mood

Jef Aérosol

Painting - 80 x 80 x 2 cm


Frida, C215



Painting - 29 x 21 x 0.1 cm


Lady Pop 01.03.23, Bernard Saint-Maxent

Lady Pop 01.03.23

Bernard Saint-Maxent

Painting - 24 x 19 x 3 cm


Les Pions Pions, Béatrice Terra

Les Pions Pions

Béatrice Terra

Painting - 100 x 81 x 3 cm


Masque, Li Baoxun


Li Baoxun

Painting - 50 x 50 x 4 cm


Josi, Lulu et Yvonne, Cécile Colombo

Josi, Lulu et Yvonne

Cécile Colombo

Painting - 80 x 80 x 2 cm


Dans mon dos, Antony Squizzato

Dans mon dos

Antony Squizzato

Painting - 60 x 60 x 2 cm


The Sunset, Nataliya Bagatskaya

The Sunset

Nataliya Bagatskaya

Painting - 120 x 90 x 2.2 cm


Artist Tiger Mona, Jisbar

Artist Tiger Mona


Painting - 146 x 114 cm


Portrait 7, Christine Barrès

Portrait 7

Christine Barrès

Painting - 20 x 20 x 1 cm


Le fauteuil rose, David Jamin

Le fauteuil rose

David Jamin

Painting - 81 x 65 x 2 cm


Sailor, Thomas Berthier


Thomas Berthier

Painting - 105 x 60 cm


Flight in a fairy tale, Seyran Gasparyan

Flight in a fairy tale

Seyran Gasparyan

Painting - 60 x 50 x 2 cm


Les amoureux, Virginia Benedicto

Les amoureux

Virginia Benedicto

Painting - 116 x 89 x 3 cm


De l'autre côté, Pierre Bejoint

De l'autre côté

Pierre Bejoint

Painting - 70 x 70 x 5 cm


Autoportrait, Philippe Pasqua


Philippe Pasqua

Painting - 40 x 30 x 10 cm


A toe, Janusz Szpyt

A toe

Janusz Szpyt

Painting - 90 x 70 cm


Shadow, Maka Batiashvili


Maka Batiashvili

Painting - 74.9 x 94 x 1.8 cm


Yellow Afternoon, Didier Lourenço

Yellow Afternoon

Didier Lourenço

Painting - 65 x 81 x 4 cm


Global Warming, Nick Walker

Global Warming

Nick Walker

Painting - 76 x 61 x 5 cm


Serenade, Levalet



Painting - 93 x 56 x 10 cm


Moon Shadows II, Painting, Oil on Canvas, Jo Moore

Moon Shadows II, Painting, Oil on Canvas

Jo Moore

Painting - 76.2 x 38.1 x 3.8 cm


Regard 1, Well Rimo

Regard 1

Well Rimo

Painting - 50 x 40 x 3 cm


The queen and the flamingo, Estelle Barbet

The queen and the flamingo

Estelle Barbet

Painting - 80 x 80 x 2 cm


Une marguerite, Raoul P. Brosseau

Une marguerite

Raoul P. Brosseau

Painting - 70 x 50 x 2 cm


Wherever I Go, I Meet Myself, Wande Oseni

Wherever I Go, I Meet Myself

Wande Oseni

Painting - 81.3 x 81.3 x 2.5 cm


Portrait de Wien, René Guinand

Portrait de Wien

René Guinand

Painting - 41.5 x 34 x 0.5 cm


Audrey 1296, Marie KVK

Audrey 1296

Marie KVK

Painting - 80 x 80 x 4 cm

$4,099 $3,279

A l'infinie, Mathilde André

A l'infinie

Mathilde André

Painting - 40 x 30 x 2 cm

$656 $590

Collection Ourson orange, KiKo

Collection Ourson orange


Painting - 100 x 100 x 2.5 cm


Au creux de ton epaule on seme, Nef

Au creux de ton epaule on seme


Painting - 30 x 24 x 3 cm


Home, Emmanuel Ojebola


Emmanuel Ojebola

Painting - 91.4 x 121.9 x 2.5 cm


Le chapeau fleuri, Patricia Simsa

Le chapeau fleuri

Patricia Simsa

Painting - 110 x 90 x 5 cm


Portrait of Adefunke, Eyitayo Alagbe

Portrait of Adefunke

Eyitayo Alagbe

Painting - 66 x 50.8 x 2.5 cm


J'ai des reserves d'indienne, Miss.Tic

J'ai des reserves d'indienne


Painting - 33 x 41 x 2 cm


You May Be Lucky, Oluwafemi Afolabi

You May Be Lucky

Oluwafemi Afolabi

Painting - 121.9 x 91.4 x 2.5 cm


Red tide 3, Robert Langley

Red tide 3

Robert Langley

Painting - 121.9 x 81.3 x 0.3 cm


Code 2218, Thierry Carrier

Code 2218

Thierry Carrier

Painting - 27 x 19 cm


Shades of Love, Ogunniyi Oluwatosin

Shades of Love

Ogunniyi Oluwatosin

Painting - 76.2 x 61 x 2.5 cm


Bells Are Saying 'I Love You, Joanna Glazer

Bells Are Saying 'I Love You

Joanna Glazer

Painting - 30 x 40 x 1 cm


Bathers At Asnières, Painting, Acrylic on Wood Panel, Gerard Boersma

Bathers At Asnières, Painting, Acrylic on Wood Panel

Gerard Boersma

Painting - 40.6 x 66 x 2.5 cm


Serenity, Bright Toh


Bright Toh

Painting - 89.9 x 69.9 x 2.5 cm


Les gardiens, Raoul Brosseau

Les gardiens

Raoul Brosseau

Painting - 92 x 73 x 2 cm


La robe (2), Marta Grassi

La robe (2)

Marta Grassi

Painting - 40 x 30 x 0.2 cm


Rendition of Days to Come, Awosola Michael Angello

Rendition of Days to Come

Awosola Michael Angello

Painting - 87.6 x 116.8 x 2.5 cm


Êtres vivants, De Welfes

Êtres vivants

De Welfes

Painting - 60 x 42 x 0.2 cm


Still in Silence, Obeka Simon

Still in Silence

Obeka Simon

Painting - 91.4 x 76.2 x 2.5 cm


Ewuare (King), Barnabas Macauley

Ewuare (King)

Barnabas Macauley

Painting - 76.2 x 61 x 2.5 cm


Joy at Last, Gbelekale Azeez

Joy at Last

Gbelekale Azeez

Painting - 106.7 x 106.7 x 2.5 cm


Horizons cubiques, Cyril Afonso

Horizons cubiques

Cyril Afonso

Painting - 81 x 65 x 3 cm


Amour Fou!, Maria De Campos

Amour Fou!

Maria De Campos

Painting - 145 x 114 x 3 cm


Scythian beauty, Mary Noga

Scythian beauty

Mary Noga

Painting - 120 x 90 x 4 cm


L'hiver (Ecosse), Youngmi Kim

L'hiver (Ecosse)

Youngmi Kim

Painting - 116 x 89 x 2.5 cm


Piece of me, Bello Gabriel

Piece of me

Bello Gabriel

Painting - 99.6 x 73.7 x 2.5 cm


Positive Gaze, Esther Obiwuru

Positive Gaze

Esther Obiwuru

Painting - 121.9 x 91.4 x 2.5 cm


Hommage Magritte, Katia Villard

Hommage Magritte

Katia Villard

Painting - 116 x 89 x 2 cm


Angie Dickinson and Burt Bacharach in Hollywood in 1968, Manuel Santelices

Angie Dickinson and Burt Bacharach in Hollywood in 1968

Manuel Santelices

Painting - 30.5 x 22.9 x 0.3 cm


Original 68 face portrait, Eugen Dick

Original 68 face portrait

Eugen Dick

Painting - 100.1 x 100.1 x 4.1 cm


Street rebel (orange) a tribute to Banksy, Dr. Love

Street rebel (orange) a tribute to Banksy

Dr. Love

Painting - 30 x 40 x 0.3 cm


Frida, Carine Ricard


Carine Ricard

Painting - 92 x 73 x 1.5 cm


Dispacus fullonum, Nora Ampova

Dispacus fullonum

Nora Ampova

Painting - 100 x 100 x 4 cm


A sad portrait, Igor Shulman

A sad portrait

Igor Shulman

Painting - 79.8 x 79.8 x 5.1 cm


La fleur à la main, Odin Pigelet

La fleur à la main

Odin Pigelet

Painting - 30 x 22 x 0.1 cm


Pool, Painting, Oil on Canvas, Daniel Loveday

Pool, Painting, Oil on Canvas

Daniel Loveday

Painting - 70.1 x 100.1 x 4.1 cm


Heat Beneath My Feet, Jean Guy Morin

Heat Beneath My Feet

Jean Guy Morin

Painting - 101.6 x 76.2 x 5.1 cm


Gentleman face 2, Noah Borger

Gentleman face 2

Noah Borger

Painting - 30 x 30 x 2 cm


The tourists, Kamsar Ohanyan

The tourists

Kamsar Ohanyan

Painting - 40 x 35 x 4 cm


King kill Mbappe, Spaco

King kill Mbappe


Painting - 30 x 30 x 2 cm


Rose, Madi



Painting - 60 x 70 x 3 cm


Pout, Eric Doisy


Eric Doisy

Painting - 80 x 80 x 3 cm


Portrait of a Dancer (Portrait d'une Danseuse), Frédérique Cantais

Portrait of a Dancer (Portrait d'une Danseuse)

Frédérique Cantais

Painting - 61 x 50 x 2 cm

$656 $328

Human, Frany La Chipie


Frany La Chipie

Painting - 100 x 80 x 2.5 cm


No original sin, Sara Chelou

No original sin

Sara Chelou

Painting - 96 x 130 x 2 cm


The Lover(Laxmi), Partha Mondal

The Lover(Laxmi)

Partha Mondal

Painting - 67 x 70 cm


Eros et Thanatos au bistro, Yohan Storti

Eros et Thanatos au bistro

Yohan Storti

Painting - 130 x 95 x 2.5 cm


Sexy girl, Andrew Wallas

Sexy girl

Andrew Wallas

Painting - 120 x 60 x 2 cm


Nora, Gomor



Painting - 80 x 72 cm


The Rose That Grew From Concrete 1, Victoria Makinde

The Rose That Grew From Concrete 1

Victoria Makinde

Painting - 86.4 x 76.2 x 2.5 cm


Ohne Titel, Ulrike Michaelis

Ohne Titel

Ulrike Michaelis

Painting - 31.5 x 21.9 x 0.1 cm


Ella, Marilupe



Painting - 28 x 35 x 3 cm


2023, Dima Filatov


Dima Filatov

Painting - 73 x 121 x 0.5 cm


Les frangins, Joseph Piermatteo

Les frangins

Joseph Piermatteo

Painting - 50 x 65 x 2 cm


Jungle adventure, Diana Rosa

Jungle adventure

Diana Rosa

Painting - 91.4 x 91.4 x 5.1 cm


Masami, Christy



Painting - 60 x 50 x 1 cm


The Clown, Ronnie Jiang

The Clown

Ronnie Jiang

Painting - 70 x 70 cm


El retiro de Greta Lovisa Gustafsson, Javier Artica

El retiro de Greta Lovisa Gustafsson

Javier Artica

Painting - 70 x 50 x 1.5 cm


Spinning Away, Annette Smart

Spinning Away

Annette Smart

Painting - 112 x 84 cm


Portrait Painting for Sale

Portraiture is one of the most important subjects in painting. The discipline has changed significantly over time and has a fascinating history.

In antiquity, portraits were exclusively reserved for gods and the most influential people in society. Paintings and statues representing the bodies of the deceased were erected to decorate tombs in Egypt. They weren't realistic but rather had a very standardized way of representing each part of the body.

In contrast to the Egyptians, painters and sculptors in Greece, who had a more in depth knowledge of the human anatomy, were more concerned about realism. Many portrait paintings from this period were done on vases and depicted gods and mythological scenes.

In the Middle Ages, most portraits paintings were commissioned and featuring the most important people of the time; they were painted into religious scenes to emphasize their piety and faith, along with their social status. Once these works of art had been painted, they were often donated to churches and monasteries.

The Renaissance marked a renewal for the arts and portrait painting was no exception. At the beginning of this period, artists were unconcerned about lifelike, realistic work. Sitters or the subjects represented were identifiable through the use of symbolic objects and the inclusion of their name.

Giotto revolutionized portraiture by imitating sculpture. He began to paint shadows, the subjects' expressions, effects of depth and began to use foreshortening. His knowledge soon began to spread.

Brunelleschi then introduced the idea of perspective in architecture, a concept which Masaccio adapted to painting. Italy became the center of portrait painting and the most important Italian families (including the Médici family) commissioned artwork by the best painters. Competition between these painters led them to innovate and led them to produce some of the greatest artworks in history. The most famous is undoubtedly the Mona Lisa by Leonardo de Vinci.

In Northern Europe during the 16th century, Flemish art was restricted by iconoclasm during the Reformation, a period during the depiction of religious figures was banned. Artists turned to courtly art which was particularly popular during the following centuries. A century earlier, Flemish art had marked a turning point with Jan Van Eyck, the inventor of oil painting (the preferred painting technique of Renaissance painters) and master of detailed realism, who influenced an entire generation of Flemish painters.

Over the following centuries, portrait painting continued to be an art form for the elite of society, but painters grew increasingly concerned about depicting realistic figures and communicating the sitter's inner world and emotions. The 20th century saw a growing trend: subjects were not painted to look beautiful (sometimes to their great dismay).

At the end of the 19th century, Impressionist painters became less reliant on sculpted models and sculpture's influence. They left their studios and painted portraits outside, “en plein air." They captured the light as they saw it and painted groups of people together rather than in in several stages.

Modern and contemporary art of the 20th century saw anything go when it came to portraits. Artists like Gustav Klimt, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin and Lucien Freud turned traditional techniques and codified rules on their heads and developed their own unique styles. Discover portraits by Philippe PasquaRobert CombasGuangyu Dai and Erró on Artsper.

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Need some help?

What is meant by portrait painting?

A portrait painting is a painted artwork that depicts a person. A portrait painting usually depicts the upper body of a sitter, for example from the shoulders up. 

What art style is a portrait?

A portrait can be created in various different art styles and forms, including sculpture, painting and drawing. 

What makes a good portrait?

A portrait can be considered a good work of art for a variety of reasons, including its handling of light, tone and color, its likeness to the person it represents, or its expression of emotion.