Minimalist Sculptors

The minimalist sculpture movement flourished in the second half of the twentieth century, at the same time as the minimalist movement itself. In total opposition to Pop Art, minimalist sculpture could be summarized by the phrase "Less is More". The objective? To rid art of all illusionist effects and everything superfluous. Generally, a minimalist sculpture is similar to an installation. It can look like a classical sculpture or it can take the form of a minimalist wall sculpture.

The most famous minimalist sculptors are Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Robert Morris, Sol Lewitt and Dan Flavin. These artists and all those of the minimalist sculpture movement have greatly influenced the discipline of interior design and architecture. This is why a minimalist interior is a style in its own right, just as we often speak of minimalist architecture. 

Minimalist sculptures can be placed wherever you want: in the bedroom, living room, office, or even outdoors. The clean lines of the minimalist sculptors' works lend themselves to all interiors, with sobriety, discretion or on the contrary, power and authority. A strong piece will give character to any place, while a more discreet piece will soften your interior. Don't wait any longer, browse through this selection of minimalist sculptors to add a dose of modernity to your living spaces.

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